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The Kelsey Co.

Just one year ago, Kelsey Cardenas of the 'The Kelsey Co.' made the decision to turn her passion for all things creative into a small side job. After receiving such positive feedback from family members and friends, she created a Facebook page portfolio, showcasing her love of party planning, make-up, home décor, and baking. In her very first introductory video, you can see her excitement and enthusiasm while she speaks of dreaming to 'someday' make her creative passion project her full time job. Little did she know that just one year later, this dream would become her reality, as of this past October, Kelsey was able to do just that.


At the start of her business, Kelsey began showcasing any and all of her unique creations, as she didn't necessarily have a specialty or target product in mind. However, shortly after Kelsey posted the homemade, decorated sugar cookies she had whipped up for her son's birthday, it quickly became clear to both the public and to Kelsey that she had found her niche. Once the first order was placed, the sugar cookie takeover began! It's important that I mention that these aren't just any ordinary sugar cookies; these cookies are delicious works of edible art! So it's no wonder that after a few Facebook shares, Kelsey's kitchen was quickly converted into a complete in-house bakery, with third shift operating hours. 


With the help of social media, the love and requests for these sweet and tasty canvases began to grow. As Kelsey's calendar began to fill with birthday parties, bridal showers and graduation celebrations, she came to realize that her waitressing job was limiting her baking availability. This was when she decided to take the leap of faith into becoming a full time Cookie Queen! Today, her calendar is still as full as ever, and with nearly two thousand likes on Facebook, business isn't slowing down anytime soon.

"Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm decorating a cookie"



I had the pleasure of sitting down with Kelsey, and getting an up-close look at her decorating process - and it's fascinating! From getting the perfect outline, to poking each and every miniscule air bubble out of the icing, Kelsey takes her time on each cookie, perfecting all of the little details along the way. During my sit down interview with Kelsey, she explained that she often has to remind herself that she's decorating a cookie. I felt that her mentioning this was a true testament of how much thought and care she places into every single order. Kelsey explained that while they may be 'just cookies' to some people, these sweet treats are contributing to the celebration of many momentous occasions, and she's honored to know that people are choosing her to help illustrate so many grand milestones.


Kelsey has been blown away by the attention and high praises that her cookies have received. She wants her potential clients to keep in mind though, she's more than just cookies! This year, she is planning to expand on the other aspects of her creative passions, including makeup application and party planning. She is also eager for approaching opportunities to create entire desert bars for several upcoming special events. These sweet spreads will of course feature her 'almost-too-pretty-to-eat' cookies, along with other themed deserts and treats. Kelsey truly enjoys all aspects of planning parties, and says it's nice when multiple aspects of one event are all coming from the same artist. When the invitations match the birthday board, and the cookies correlate perfectly with the center pieces, it creates a cohesive look that isn't otherwise easily achieved. And as for makeup application, she's already booked a few weddings for 2020, and is excited to grow and strengthen this portion of her business. 

With the rapid growth The Kelsey Co has seen in just it's first year of business, the sky is the limit for the possibilities ahead. As Kelsey plans to extend her services and continues to grow, I had to ask if she has any plans for bringing additional staff on board for the future. While she realizes that this may eventually become necessary, Kelsey is very much enjoying the one-woman-show aspect of her small business. Since she is so detail oriented, she knows that the process of bringing in potential employees would be quite tedious. So for now, Kelsey prefers operating on a quality over quantity basis. Rather than becoming stretched too thin, she keeps her orders organized, making sure to never overbook herself.  While she tries her best to accommodate any last minute orders and events, it's best to reach out to her with your orders and/or questions sooner rather than later. 

The Kelsey Co showcases a very talented young woman, whose passion for any and all things creative will perfectly illustrate multiple memorable pieces of your most special days. If you have a special event approaching, and are looking for someone to provide unforgettable creations that will add even more magic to your special moments, look no further than The Kelsey Co. As a customer myself, I can guarantee that the services Kelsey provides are no less than spectacular, and you won't be disappointed!


For questions and bookings, check out The Kelsey Co. on Facebook!

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